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Goshen Public Library and Historical Society

Across the Director's Desk

by Pauline Kehoe

January 18, 2000

If you have visited the library within the past two weeks, you will have noticed that things have been rearranged, and you are probably confused. Stores rearrange all the time as a merchandising trick, but the library is usually a place where everything has a place.

To support the efforts of Teen coordinator, Donna Cifarelli, we have shifted materials around to create an area where all materials selected with teens in mind can be shelved together. Given the overcrowding of the facility, you can't move one thing without moving something else, so a run down of the changes has been requested.

Oversized books have been moved to the balcony where they can be shelved safely on wider shelving. Chldren's non-fiction videos have been shelved with the juvenile non-fiction books, and children's audio books will be moved onto the spinner racks in the balcony. All YA materials (including audio books) have been moved to the passage between the offices and the main room. The adult fiction of authors T-Z has been moved to the shelves which previously housed the oversize books. New signs will be posted on the stacks as soon as all the shifting is complete. We appreciate your patience.

The winter issue of our newsletter, Reference Point has been mailed to all residents of the Goshen Central School district. Bulk mailings are problematic, so if you did not receive your newsletter, please contact Janet Hamill and/or pick one up on your next visit to the library. The newsletter contains information on upcoming programs, and this issue has a directory of library services.

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