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Goshen Public Library and Historical Society

Across the Director's Desk

by Pauline J. Kehoe

March 15, 2000

Some weeks ago, the Library conducted an in-house survey to determine if our video and audio book customers were ready for the newest technology in their area of interest. Based on the response we will begin developing a small collection of audio books in CD format, but we will wait a while longer before developing a DVD collection.

As the population gets busier, our largest increases in circulation are AV formats, Audio books have proven a boon to commuters (cyclists and walkers) and travelers of all types, helping fill long hours in the car with the joys of that latest book you didn't have time to read. We now try to order a copy of each discussion book in audio format so that folks who don't have time to read the print copy can still participate. Our audio book circulation is so heavy that at any given time at least half of it is in circulation.

One of the benefits of electronic interlibrary loan is that you may request any audio book title you'd like from another library that owns it. not all 50 libraries in the Ramapo Catskill Library System will load their audio books to cardholders from other libraries, but most of them, like us, will.

The library has been bustling with families of small children attending the preschool programs now in session. I'd like to remind all parents and care-givers to be alert to running, either in or out of the building. Inside aisle space is too narrow and the brick walk outside too uneven to promote fast movement.

I would also like to remind those of you who drive to the library that parking is allowed only in designated spots in the library lot. Cars parked across the back of the lot are accidents waiting to happen, as legally parked cars attempt to leave the lot. Parking is allowed on the left side of Hill Street and provides a safer alternative when the lot is full.

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