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Goshen Public Library and Historical Society

Across the Reference Desk

by Fran O'Gorman

May 26, 1999

For information on the ever changing world of computers, especially the internet, magazines and other recent periodicals are invaluable sources. This is because some information can become outdated in the time it takes to be published in book form.

For this reason, Goshen Public Library and Historical Society has subscribed to a number of periodicals that pertain to computers and the Internet. For general information, there is PC and Wired. PC is the older more traditional of the two, while Wired is the newer, trendier title. The scope of Wired goes beyond computers to include other forms of technologies, such as automotive, in its discussions. It also covers aspects of the music industry PC, on the other hand, is dedicated to computers and goes far deeper in its discussion of computer technology with cutting edge analysis of products. For up-to-date- Internet information, we receive Yahoo Internet World. This periodical is both fan and practical in that it points out great sites, highlights trends, and reviews products and resources that are Internet related. Computer Gaming World is designed for the gamer with reviews, strategies and other lively banter on PC games. Home Office Computing addresses the needs of a person using computers in a small business or home environment.

Consumer information can be found to varying degrees in all of these periodicals but is most particularly available in Consumer Reports which is kept behind the circulation desk. All the periodicals mentioned are monthlies.

The policy for borrowing these magazines (with the exception of Consumer Reports which never circulates) is that customers may borrow any of the older issues for a period of two weeks while the current issues maintained as reference only. We maintain back issues for a year with the exception of Consumer Reports which goes back to 1993.

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