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Goshen Public Library and Historical Society

Across the Director's Desk

by Pauline J. Kehoe

June 16, 1999

The Goshen Public Library is now able to use e-mail to notify its cardholders that "the book you requested has arrived" and "the books you have are overdue." This service is available to any Goshen Public Library cardholder with an e-mail address. The advantage to you is speed and accuracy of notification. The advantage to us is the saving of staff time. E-mail notices are sent by the system as soon as an item reserved is checked in at the library. Our staff will not have to make the phone call and deal with busy signals and answering machines.

To provide this service, we must make a disclaimer on the issues of confidentiality. Library records are private and confidential. E-mail notification is most effective for individuals with a private e-mail address. While the U.S. mail offers a federally enforced guarantee of confidentialty of first class mail, there is no such guarantee for e-mail communications.

E-mail notification is also subject to the vagaries of connections between Internet service providers and their servers. If an e-mail notice cannot be delivered, telephone notification will be made instead. I there is a pattern of undeliverable mail, you will be returned to telephone notification.

To register for e-mail notification, stop in at the library, or use the form on the library's web page.

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