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Goshen Public Library and Historical Society

Across the Reference Desk

by Fran O'Gorman

November 29, 2000

Our video collection has grown over the years both in size and popularity. To help facilitate browsing and find space for its ever growing size, we've divided it up in a number of ways.

Adult level feature films are divided into two areas: The new "yellow dot" ones that are borrowed for two days for which a dollar is charged for the rental, and the older ones that may be borrowed for a week at no rental charge. These are shelved opposite the circulation desk. These are by far the most popular videos.

The next most popular video collection is the children's videos. The feature film types which are story related are shelved opposite the adult feature films. This is a big area and is growing all the time. The instructional children's videos are shelved with books on the same topic in the juvenile nonfiction in the balcony area. These all can be borrowed for one week at no charge.

Adult instructional videos are located opposite the adult feature films that face the children's piture book area. They are arranged according to their call numbers and are borrowed for a week at no charge. Travel videos, exercise, computer and musical instrument how-to's are just some of the topics included here. Belowthese are musicals and below that are foreign films also borrowed for a week at no charge.

One really terrific section of videos that is not so well known is the section devoted to series sets. These can be found opposite the new adult nonfiction shelves. Horatio Hornblowed, Inspector Morse, the Far Pavilions, Cadfael, Dick Francis Mysteries, Roots--there's just such an assortment you should check it out for yourselves to see how varied it is. Often but not always from the PBS series or miniseries, the quality is exceptional--just great to curl up to on a wintery evening. These, like all the others (with the exception of the new "yellow Dot" ones) are weekly rentals at no charge. These are highly recommended and definitely worth trying.

Holds can be placed on videos just like books. Most libraries in the system will honor these requests. The reference staff will be happy to assist you in locating that video you've longed to see but somehow missed along the way.