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Goshen Public Library and Historical Society

Management Goals

Goal 1: To develop a plan to meet our interim space needs.
  1. Evaluate options based upon staff recommendations
  2. Make a determination

Goal 2: To develop a long-range (3 to 5 year) plan of service.
  1. Write long range plan

Goal 3: To formulate a building program
  1. Evaulate options and secure a site.
  2. Assess public need.
  3. Have architect draft a preliminary design.
  4. Conduct a bond issue referendum for the new building.
  5. Make a decision on the disposition of the present building.
  6. Develop a presentation for the public on the building program.

Human Resources Goals

Goal 1: To provide staff in-service training to fulfill the technology competency needs determined by RCLS.
  1. Send all staff to appropriate RCLS sponsored workshops.
  2. Arrange for individualized on-site training for specific needs in areas not covered by RCLS.

Goal 2: To conduct monthly staff meetings to open channels of communication regarding customer service and policy issues.

Program Goals

Goal 1: To continue updating and rebuilding the Library's collections.
  1. Weed, update and replace to improve the quality of the following adult non-fiction subjects: small business, poetry, drama.
  2. Weed, update and replace to improve the quality of the juvenile fiction collections, with emphasis on classics, popular authors (series) and paperbacks.
  3. Develop a new list for "Adopt-a-Book"
  4. Develop a collection of Spanish language materials.

Goal 2: To complete indexing for at least one year of the Independent Republican.

Goal 3: To revise and update the policy and procedure manual for the circulation staff.
  1. Incorporate all approved policy changes in the manual available for the public.
  2. Review all procedures with the staff, rewriting to reflect changes in practice as necessary.

Goal 4: To improve servics to the hearing impaired.
  1. Recruit a sign language interpreter to be available as needed for Library programs.

The staff has recommended that no new collections or services be implemented until we have a permanent resolution of our space needs. The following program/collection needs have been identified: Mother Goose time program for parent and child 6 months to 1 year; music CD collection; interactive computer software and workstations for children; additional part-time adult program coordinator for expanded program offerings, ESL.