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Newsletter of the Goshen Public Library
Supported by the Friends of the Goshen Public Library

Vol. 5, No. 1, July 1999

To use it [the library] should be as natural
as to use the trolley when one needs transportation. .

- John Cotton Dana

Email Notification Service

The Goshen Public Library will now use email to quickly and efficiently notify patrons that the book you requested has arrived. This new service is available to any patron with an email address.

Please realize that we consider library records to be private and confidential. Many people share email addresses among several family members. We do not recommend that shared email addresses be used to communicate library information.

While the U.S. Mail offers a federally enforced guarantee of confidentiality of mail, there is no such guarantee of confidentiality for email communications. Although we feel that our email is reasonably secure, we cannot offer you a guarantee that infomnation is confidential once it travels through the Internet, the delivery of an email nofice depends on the library's Internet Service Provider, your local ISP and their mid-level provider, and any links in between, if an email notice cannot be delivered, telephone notification will be made instead. If there is a paffern of undeliverable email, you will be removed from this special service and only notified by telephone. A current valid library card is required.

You may register for email notificatlon on the Goshen Public Library web page at Click on reference, or by stopping by the library.

Staff Profile: Luquinas Lorick

Luquinas, or Lu as she is affectionately known, has been a welcome addition to the evening and weekend circulation staff at the Goshen Public Library and Historical Society for almost a year. Clearly at ease with people, Lu energizes the front desk with her cheeflul personality and infectious laughter. As supervisor of the library's Poetry Fair, Lu's winning traits contributed to the overall success of National Poetry Month at the library.

A Middletown resident and graduate of Middletown High School's class of '91, Lu began her library career as a page at Thrall Library. In 1993, Lu became a library clerk at Thrall, where she continues to work part-time in Children's Services.

Lu is an enthusiastic student of life with a wealth of interests. She's investigated Eastern philosophy and religion, and holistic medicine. A practicing vegan, she is a great vegetarian cook. She's an avid camper and cyclist. And she's a talented lead vocalist and co-writer with the band Pangaea.

Taking its name from the ancient continent which embodied all the Earth's continents as one, Pangaea has its roots in rock, jazz, and rhythm and blues. The five members of the band credit the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Chic Corea, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Satana as their main influences. During the past year Pangaea released its first CD, "Very Us Selections," and recently they had their New York City debut at the legendary CBGB's on the Bowery. On Thursday, July 22, Goshen Library patrons will have an opportunity to enjoy Lu's talents when Pangaea performs on the library lawn as part of the library's "Summer Rock Fest."


Two new positions have been created, as of July 1, acknowledging the expanded responsibilities of our children's librarian Kathy LaRocca and reference librarian Anita Whitehead. Kathy has become the Head of Youth Services and is responsible for programming, outreach, and collection development for parenting and preschool through grade 12. Anita has become the Head of Adult Services and is responsible for reference service including the Sharts Room, reference collection development, the LAN and adult programming.

Teen Coordinator

Donna Cifarelli, library assistant, has been appointed Teen Coordinator. She replaces young adult librarian, Barbara Steinstra, who resigned in May. Donna is responsible for teen programming and book selection under the supervision of Kathy LaRocca. Donna will continue to assist with children's programs, as well.


Although the budget for next year's library operating costs was passed and there are funds available to purchase new books, there is just never enough money to buy every thing a reference collection needs. In order to be as up to date as possible and to cover as many special topics as possible, we would like to propose a solution.

We would like to establish an Adopt-A-Book program which will allow Goshen Public Library users to select a needed reference book and pay for its addition to the library collection. Books could be related to your field of work or hobby or interests, or just be something that you agree we should own. Books may be adopted by individuals or groups. You might also wish to "Adopt-A-Book" as a memorial or tribute to someone special. Book donation applications are available at the circulation desk. The completed application may be left, with your check payable to the Goshen Public Library & Historical Society, at the circulation desk for the attention of Pauline Kehoe.

At this time, we hope the following reference books will be adopted:

Encvclooedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Militarv History, $275. Three volumes with primary documents, maps, statistics, and illustrations.

Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students, $350. Designed for middle and high school students.

Encyclopedia of Housing, $170. The standard reference for professionals, policymakers, students, and members of the gereral public.

What Romance Do I Read Next?, $80. Essential guide with over 2,000 titles.

West's Encyclopedia of Law, $1100. Twelve volume set on important legal issues and the people associated with them. Covers 5,000 legal topics in plain language.

Atlas of Human Anatomy, $60. A highly recommended condensed version of the CIBA Medical Illustrations.

Resources for People with Disabilities, $90. Two volume set with information on assistive technology, accessibility requirements, related organizations and funding sources.

State Occupational Outlook Handbook, $95. Details top ten occupations per state and lists top 600 occupations for entire country.

Grzimek's Encyclopedia of Mammals, $525. Provides easy access to habitat, diet, life cycles, physical appearance of hundreds of mammals. Excellent source for school reports.

Washington Information Directory, $110. The best source for information on Federal agencies, U.S. Congress, DC nonprofit groups, government offices, and embassies.

Toxic Waste Sites: An Encyclopedia of Endangered America, $65. Profiles 1,300 Superfund sites. Great source of information for educators, planners, legislators, and the general public.

Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music and Art, $150. Splendidly illustrated two volume set.

Encyclopedia of the War of 1812, $95. Includes sections on military engagements, the role of African-Americans, medicine, and maps related to this major event of the early national period.

The FBI: A Comprehensive Reference Guide, $85. Covers history, role, powers, with sections on notable cases and controversies.

Weiss Ratings' Guide to HMOs and Health Insurers, $219. Highly recommended for all consumers.

Famous First Facts, $95. Its time to update our 17-year-old edition of this classic.

Fishes of the World, $110. The classic guide to classification and identification. Covers 21,700 species.

The Gale Encvclonedia of Medicine, $499, An easy to understand general medical source which details medical disorders, conditions, tests, and treatment.

American Sign Language, $22. Explains over 7,000 signs, giving pronunciation, part of speech, and derivation of sign.

Do's and Taboos Around the World, $16. The definitive guide to global etiquette.

Drama for Students: Presenting Analysis, Context, and Criticism on Commonly Studied Dramas, Two Volumes, $110 each.

The Fungi, $45. Explores all aspects of this group of living organisms, including classification and identification plus new gene cloning research.

The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, $60. Concise source of actual information on Jewish life and culture.

The Encyclopedia of Judaism, $250. A comprehensive treatment of the Jewish tradition.

The New Robert's Rules of Order, $7. An updated and revised edition of the classic. Simplified and streamlined.

New York State Foundations, $180. The best source for grantmakers throughout the state.

Exploring Health Care Careers, $90. Explains educational requirements, advancement opportunities, job outlook.

Long Range Planning

The Board of Trustees has retained Leslie Burger of Library Development Solutions to assist them in the development of a long range plan for the library. Ms. Burger has already conducted community focus groups for the library, step one of the planning process.

The Board is actively pursuing the selection of a site upon which to build a new library. The long-range plan is viewed as a necessary tool to articulate community needs and understanding of the services necessary to meet them. The planning process will help the Board determine the space configurations in a new building, and devise a plan for the use of the present building. Community input will be sought throughout.

Upcoming Programs & Youth Services

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